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"At Solomon&Wu we pride ourselves on working to the highest standards of luxury British craftsmanship and design. Constantly developing new materials and concepts for brands, designers, and their clients."

Following research into beautiful, traditional surfaces and contemporary high performance finishes, we have developed Elenite, the base material of our new collection, to meet the exacting requirements of our luxury clients.

We are proud to present our first Surfaces Collection, the next generation of luxury materials.

Taking simplicity as our guiding principle, we have been inspired by organic textures for our Cast surfaces, bold colours for the Pigment range , tactile Ceramic finishes and crisp geometry for our Stencils.

Colours and finishes across the whole collection can be tailored to add stunning, bespoke elements to your design scheme.

We manufacture all our products by hand to the highest level of craftsmanship in the UK and have worked on projects in more than 50 countries.
The Solomon&Wu range of products are based around the idea that details in our environments are the most interesting elements. We take the simple moulding formats that you would find in any house and redesign them using new shapes. Our aim is to give the designer a range of elements that can be put together in a variety of ways, from a simple wall panel to an entire room of cornice, architrave, skirting and panelling. Each collection has it's own style. The Hudson's flat planes create a relaxed, modernist feel and the Cubist collection can be bombastic with it's large scale wall panels.
Linear Structure has a delicate interlacing of straight lines on different scales whilst the Caumont series was based on the shimmering light reflecting off a river breaking the flat surface into hundreds of colliding ripples. The beauty of the mouldings format is that we can always add a new element, a corbel, sconce or ceiling rose and each design will apply to each element differently.
We are not governed by any rules except that each piece has to have the feel of the other elements in the series; a detail that complements it's companions.
The founding principle of Solomon&Wu was to apply contemporary design to traditional mouldings, enabling us to do something extraordinary, preferably something no one has ever done before. This allows us an open mind when designing our own range of products and total freedom when working with designers.
At the heart of everything we do are the sculptors and designers who develop an idea into a product from
sketches and conversations. Having started by bringing design to plaster mouldings we have now applied the same ethos to create hardware, GRP panels, furniture, mirrors and fittings.

We intend to make the next big thing, not copy the last one.